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Custom Cabinets For Retail Fitouts

Common Questions About Custom Cabinets for Retail Fitouts

You are in the process of a major retail renovation, and you have decided that custom cabinets for retail fitouts are the way to go. If you have never worked with professionals like those at Cutting‌Edge Cabinetry, you are bound to have a few questions about the process. Here is a look at some of the most common questions and the answers you will want to know.

Do you have to have your own designs in mind?

It is always helpful if you know a bit about what designs you prefer, but you do not have to know everything about what you want when you start talking to the professionals. They can actually help guide you along by offering helpful and educated ideas and solutions.

What kind of materials can be used for custom cabinets for retail fitouts?

The material choice for your custom cabinets is all your own. You can go with something sleek and modern like acrylic or glass-front cabinets, or you can go with something more traditional like wooden cabinetry. You get to pick and choose the materials that work best for your commercial space in both design and function.

Can you also get custom display units?

You can also get custom display units if you need them for your commercial space. These display units can be specifically built to accommodate your products. For example, if you own a retail makeup store, you may need custom cosmetic display units. Therefore, the custom cosmetic display units will be created to suit your place of business.

How long will it take for the new cabinets or displays to be installed?

The time it takes for the new cabinetry or display units to be installed will vary according to the job. Several factors can affect job duration, such as if you know what designs you want already and how many pieces have to be designed and built.

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