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Walk In Pantry Designs

Features to Consider in Walk In Pantry Designs

To keep your kitchen cabinets free from clutter, installing a walk-in pantry in your kitchen can be an excellent choice. Walk in pantry designs go far beyond a basic closet with shelving. There are numerous design features you can have incorporated to make the pantry serve you and your household well. Some features to consider implementing in your walk in pantry include:‌

  • Consider installing a few cabinets inside the pantry

  • Opt for a spinning carousel to house canned goods

  • Implement shelf lighting to keep items visible and the space well-lit

  • Create large openings to store small kitchen appliances

  • Have a small countertop installed

The choices are endless when it comes to walking in pantry designs, and having a professional help you with the overall design is great. Contact us at Cutting Edge Cabinetry to learn more about how we can help you create the kitchen pantry that caters to all of your needs.

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